A Pop-Up Shop for you to Explore in Hartford, CT this Saturday


HARTFORD Since so much of my content has been geared towards events (trust, that was not the intent ), “Five Questions” is a new feature that I am adding which allows you to meet the mavens behind some of the most innovative ish that is coming or taking place. This week, we are proud to feature Hartford’s Georgette Fletcher, the innovator behind those Dirt Salon and Caral Lounge quarterly pop-up shops that have been flooding your news feed this year. The UConn graduate is also the sole proprietor at FletchFirm, a branding and consulting agency specializing in event coordinating.

Disclosure, Georgette is my little cousin so pardon the gushing. Georgette, mi proud a you gal! So many of us spend our younger, creative days giving our talent to other organizations, for their benefit. It’s so nice to see the growing number of enterprising, focused and head pon dem body young people who are stepping out there and doing all kinds of out of the box type events. They are having way more success and impact also. So read on to learn more about this girl boss, maverick who is making waves in Hartford.

What is a pop-up shop and what should someone expect when they attend?
A Pop-Up Shop is a platform that we created to help brands expand their audience and it serves to help build brand awareness. We strategically choose vendors who have clothing lines, beauty products such as hair and makeup, jewelry and artwork. Someone should expect to have an amazing experience. When you walk in all the vendors will be set up for their shopping pleasure, music will be playing, food and drink specials will be available and live musical performances. Guests are expected to network and mingle. The goal here is to build and network with likeminded individuals for a greater purpose.

How did you come up with this idea?
While I was going to UConn, I joined an organization called Black Students Association (BSA) and I took an interest to the organization and how it attracted people to the events and services they were engaging. So as a result, I joined the Executive Board my sophomore year and was elected the Public Relations/Special Events Coordinator. During that time, I was in charge of marketing materials for all the events we had and bookings for each one. When it came time to plan our biggest event, which is the fashion show in the spring semester, I took it upon myself to book an amazing DJ for the event. I knew that having a well-known DJ would attract many people and keep the vibe going throughout the night. After going out and networking, I encountered DJ Relly Rell and thought he would be perfect. Later, I learned that he was on two major radio stations in the tri-state area and that I had to cultivate this relationship. During the planning period, I had planned and marketed for other events leading up to the fashion show. I promoted heavily to other colleges and to my network. To my surprise, the event was the biggest show at UConn to date and it made me realize that if I could make another organization successful based on my network and drive for success, why not do it for myself? So I did. With each year, I learned more of the business, became more driven and eventually became the president my senior year. That is when started to research exactly what I wanted Fletch Firm to be and executed my business.

Is your event targeting a specific demographic (i.e. age) Like can I attend?
Yes ! You can attend. The event’s target audience is young male and female working professionals ages 21-35. Our audience is multicultural and multi-talented. The young professional population would be working full-time or part-time and also have some sort of creative association (fashion, photography, videography, music or art) or entrepreneurial. If our company or events appeal to an older (35+) or younger audience (16+), we welcome them if deemed appropriate.

Is this your first one and if not, how many people typically attend?
This pop up shop will be our fifth one and typically 150-200 people attend.

Who are the vendors and how did you pick them?
The vendors are Survival 815, Marshun Art, Z for Everybody, Nusense Clothing, Named Ques Art, Repunzel’s Room, Gorgeous Girl Brand, Empress Designs, Asha Cavelle, Shan Dolls Boutique, Besos Cosmetics, Black Reign 413, Self Invest 413, MNT VNTGE and Fletch Firm. We pick vendors based on their work in the community, the creative way they are presented and by networking at other events. While some vendors reached out to us to be apart of our event. Their credentials and brand will be evaluated and if it is up to our standards, the brand will be chosen to participate.

So a pop-up shop is basically like a bazaar that takes the shopping experience to an elevated level with networking that I can attend. Got it! The pop-up-shop rolls through this Saturday, July 15th 5 pm – 10 pm at the Caral Lounge, 1429 Park Street, Hartford, CT 06106. There is a ‘dress to kill’ after party.