Welcome to Natasha Explores World (N.E.W.)! Thanks for joining me on my Food, Travel and Culture explorations throughout Connecticut and beyond.

My name is Natasha and I am a native of Jamaica. I remember the days looking up at the planes as they flew by and chanting “one day, one day” and that day finally came when I made my first international trip abroad to Disney with the parents. I was young, but I actually still remember the experience.

I moved to the United States permanently when I was 7, settled in Connecticut with the rest of the family, and the northeast U.S. has been my home ever since. After years of traveling back and forth to Jamaica, in 2009 I decided that I wanted to experience something N.E.W. Unable to find someone who shared my curiosity to explore other cultures and lands, I took flight, by myself, and traveled to Mexico. I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone and have traveled near and far to experience, N.E.W. ever since. Here are some of the places that I’ve been:

Cancun, Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico

San Diego, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Miami, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

Old Saybrook, CT

Mystic, CT

London, England

Paris, France

Brussels, Belgium

Venice, Italy

Rome, Italy

Assissi, Italy

Florence, Italy

Montecatini, Italy

Pisa, Italy


Aix-en-Provence, Frnce

Beaune, France

Nice, France


Lucerne, Switzerland


Innsbruk, Austria

Vatican City




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Stay curious; don’t ever stop exploring!

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