Black Hustler Sound System Wins Hartford Sound Clash


HARTFORD, CT – The Black Hustler Sound system has been quiet on the clashing front over the last few years leaving their fans a teeny bit worried if the team still had the clashing vibes in them. However, the Sound system quieted their doubters last night after beating New York City based Sound system Young Hawk at an event entitled “Judgment in Connecticut”.

When they were heavy into the clash scene, Black Hustler wracked up a number of victories during their almost 30 years of existence against major and well established sound systems starting with their victory against Bodyguard in 1991.

After their 1991 victory, they went on to meet Bodyguard three more times, emerging as the victor at all three events. Their biggest defeat came from Killamanjaro who used artists instead of dub plates to kill them during a Sound Clash in 1992. Addies was their next nightmare, who clobbered them at a clash in 1994 at the Caribbean Club in Hartford.

When they met with Silverhawk later in 1994, they exacted their revenge from their last two defeats, walking away as the clash champions. In 1995 they faced and killed Earth Ruler and went on to clash with the likes of David Rodigan and others. Not bad for a Sound system that is based not in New York City, but based in little Hartford, Connecticut.

Some of the selectors have changed but Father Country and Beenie (who are brothers) and their impressive box of dub plates, the foundation for the system, are all still there. Last night’s victory further solidified the fact that they are indeed one of the most successful sound systems on the East coast.