Where You Can Experience a Malibu C and Olaplex Deep Hair Treatments in Connecticut

Hey ladies (especially those of us with curly, kinky, coils and chemically straightened hair), did you know that there are more deep hair treatments than the usual suspects (protein and cholesterol)?  There are actually a number of different solutions for deep treating your hair and New Haven’s Hair’s Kay Salon offers a few of them. 

The Malibu C Hair Detox

If you live in a hard water city then the Malibu C line should be your go to hair product. Hard water has a high mineral content which tangles hair and leaves hair feeling and looking rough. Malibu C can fix that! Their scalp wellness kit also helps to remove flaky, scalp buildup. It’s like detox for your hair.

Olaplex Treatment

Hairs Kay offers and recommends Olaplex treatment for clients who receive relaxers, color or thermal treatments. Olaplex repairs broken disulfide bonds that are damaged due to chemical processes, prolonged sun exposure or the effects from hair styling. The product can be mixed in with products during a chemical treatment or can be used as a stand alone treatment resulting in instantaneously longer, healthier hair.

In addition to the treatments listed above Hair’s Kay offers steam treatments for hair and uses the echo head filtered fixtures. Their unique filtration-system helps to reduce chlorine and generates negative ions as water flows through the showerhead. The filtration helps to soften and smooth hair.


Hair’s Kay Beauty and Barber Salon, LLC is owned by Karaine Holness. With over 20 years of experience and the former owner of Hairs Kay Academy, Karaine is an expert in the field. The salon is located at 320 Ashmun Street (between Henry and Munson Street) in New Haven, Connecticut. Her clientele includes local community leaders and celebrities. Follow Hair’s Kay @hairskaysalon on Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit her website at HairsKaySalon.com. Want to experience this service. Book your appointment today by calling (203)-389-7282.Check out my original post and review of Hairs Kay Salon over at my old blog onewomansstyle.com

DISCLOSURE: I received gratis/complimentary service from Hair’s Kay Beauty and Barber Salon, LLC which allowed me to share my experience with you. All opinions expressed are honest and were not influenced.