Jamaican Artist Creates Wearable Art From Trash

So sis asked me to do a piece for her blog many moons ago. Of course she made the mistake of not giving me a specific topic. Hmmmm, what to do…..I see she has grabbed the procrastinating topic so there goes that…..seems to be a family trait, this thing called procrastination. Then viola! Well, make that Aviola!

I had seen some beautiful earrings in a local craft shop, Creative Ja, and on asking about them was quite disbelieving when told they were made from, uhm, garbage. Well, one man’s garbage and all that rubbish. The average plastic bottles we use, to you and me become garbage but to Mellissa Preddie they are her ‘bread and butta’ (thanks Tessanne).


Operating from her home in Mandeville, Jamaica, Mellissa collects these bottles and not only does her bit to save Mother Earth but turns them into wearable works of art that will add pizzaz to the most mundane outfit.

Preddie launched Aviola Accessories in 2012 because she “needed something to do.”

“While I was at home, a young baby was there with us, and so we had tons of water bottles. I carried out some research to find out what I could make with all this plastic. I started doing decorative pebbles because of my love for interior designing, but that was seasonal and done to order for (events) like weddings and similar events.” ~Source: Jamaica-Gleaner

I am tempted to get quite verbose, wax poetic and gush on this so I will quit before I do and let the pics speak for themselves.

Anyone who knows me well would be quite fascinated to see me wear a fascinator because I am just not that kinda gyal to fancy up my tresses. Obviously! This fascinator really fascinated me though so I thought I could, uhmm, sex up a simple outfit by rocking it as a statement piece to detract somewhat from the B-(arely) cups.

She also creates decorative pieces for homes including vases, and wall hangings. It takes Preddie anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to complete a piece and in a recent interview, she revealed that her business has grown and now includes two part-time workers. Her client’s include young professionals, fashionista’s environmentally conscious people and patriotic Jamaicans.