NIX’s Evergreen South Windsor Restaurant and Bar

NIXS Evergreen South WindsorNIX’s, now a downtown Hartford, Connecticut staple expanded recently and opened a new location at the shops at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, Connecticut. NIX’s offers a raw bar and American cuisine favorites. The blogging gang and I were invited to sample items from their menu that was prepared by Chef Sean Delarosa recently and man was it a treat.

NIX's Evergreen Walk
Cool furnishings at the NIX’s Evergreen Walk location


The welcoming committee is/was just as friendly as the one in Hartford but their furnishings in their new location was definitely hipper.  For a suburban location, the entire space screamed “industrial loft”, the kind you would see in downtown Manhattan or ultra hip, San Diego. The space is also big enough so that patrons aren’t sitting on top of each other like in most restaurant spaces these days. I really like that because it allowed us to be as loud and obnoxious as we are supposed to be especially, because we were a group of women holding cocktails in one hand and camera’s in the other. Ok, so we weren’t loud; and we definitely weren’t obnoxious but we were doing what bloggers do; arranging our plates so that we could snap tons of photos. The restaurant was fairly full for the time of day that we were dining and there wasn’t one complaint re our antics.


NIX's Evergreen South Windsor
The Sangria

I had coffee. I am honestly afraid to consume alcohol when I have to drive. My liver doesn’t process alcohol very well and sometimes even the slightest whiff of concentrated, strong liquor sends me to giggleville. I reserve my drinking and my alter ego (Fun Natasha) for those times when I don’t need to drive and when I need to focus on a task at hand. Everyone else who ordered a mixed cocktail said they were excellent. I assume this meant that there was just enough alcohol to garner liquid courage but that the drinks were not strong enough to motivate anyone to get on top of any tables to demonstrate their hula or belly dancing moves. I’ve seen it happen (not at NIX’s, of course) and it’s both hilarious and sad.



NIXs Evergreen South Windsor


NIX’s decided to tease us with their Banging Wings and their Chef’s Cheese platter. Please note that not every casual dining restaurant wings are equal. At NIX’s the wings, especially the ginger soy ones are indeed, BANGING.  My focus was on the blue cheese on the Chef’s Cheese Platter. I love cheese. Did I mention that I really love cheese? I think I ate all of the cheese from the platters (plural). We were then encouraged to order small plates, which I guess we were supposed to share. Honestly, after the pictures were taken we all sadly got territorial with our selections and finished our plates off like greedy, hungry cats who knew that the next meal might be hours or days away.  I ordered the fish tacos because fish and Tex Mex  have become my thing. These were great. The batter was not at all thick and I was actually able to taste the meat vs. the batter. The other  plates certainly looked great but I heard the buffalo mac attack was best consumed, hot.

NIX's Evergreen South Windsor
From left to right: From the shareables menu Fish Tacos, Buffalo “Mac Attack”, Tuna Tartare Tacos, Quesadilla


Overall, we had a really great experience at NIX’s. I think this is a great restaurant for a group of friends or even a date. Prices are also affordable and they do offer happy hour specials.

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  1. It looks like I need to travel with you! This ambiance and food both look awesome. I will definitely have to check this out if I am ever in the area.

    1. Ha! I didn’t have to travel very far for this one. NIX’s is a group of restaurant’s here in New England. The NIX’s Evergreen one was I believe their third location.

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